Discover the essence of tranquility with my "Blue Remedy" series, a vibrant journey through abstract watercolors 🎨.

This collection springs to life using a rich palette inspired by the seas of Hawaii—a nod to my Hawaiian heritage that calls out in mesmerizing blues and greens. It's here, within the ebb and flow of these colors, that I find my healing remedy.

I embrace the unpredictable, starting with negative space and letting the paint dance freely using a technique sometimes referred to as “Automatism”. Sometimes, it's about the drip and flow of masking fluid or the bold accents marking with watercolor crayon or markers.

These pieces vary from paper to canvas, wood panel, plexiglass and even aluminum, each finding its unique voice.
On occasion, I explore the depth with epoxy resin, adding a dimension of depth. But that's just a part of the process, a subtle touch to enhance the sense of floating and weightlessness akin to the sea's embrace.

Some pieces come with hardware that allows them to be mounted to “float” off the wall, creating an illusion of weightlessness, inviting viewers to let their minds drift and experience the serene embrace of the ocean's healing powers. 🌊✨

Please watch a video about my process, learn more about me, or commission me to collaborate with you on a piece of custom art that you might have in mind.
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