Gloria Swanson Portrait

Embark on a Journey with Me: Commission Your Unique Art Piece

Welcome to a world where your visions and stories are transformed into art by my hands. Imagine having a piece of art that’s deeply personal, one that reflects your unique journey. I'm here to make that vision a reality, to craft a piece that's exclusively yours.

Your Vision, My Canvas
Your story, your vision, is what drives me. Whether you've been nurturing an idea for years or recently felt inspired, I'm here to bring that vision to life on canvas. This is about creating something that speaks to you, something that's intrinsically yours.

A Partnership Based on Trust
I understand the personal investment involved in commissioning art. It’s a journey we take together, but I also know that sometimes, the final piece might not align with your initial vision. That’s why I offer the Right of Refusal. If you’re not completely in love with the final artwork, you’re under no obligation to take it home, beyond the initial non-refundable deposit. It's a policy built on trust and respect, ensuring you’re delighted with your commissioned piece.

Transparent, Tailored Pricing
My promise to you is straightforward pricing, based on the complexity and size of the artwork you envision. I aim to create something beautiful within your budget, including two rounds of revisions to ensure every detail is just as you wish.

A Seamless, Joyful Process
Our journey begins with your deposit, a leap of faith that I deeply appreciate. From there, I dedicate myself to creating your vision. Should there be any delays, I promise adjustments to the cost. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority.

Let’s Begin This Creative Adventure
Are you ready to turn your vision into art? It starts with a simple conversation. Your dreams, your questions, your vision—let’s explore what we can create together. From choosing the perfect style to aligning on the timeline and ensuring every detail is perfect, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Creating Something Truly Special, Together
This journey is about more than just art; it’s about creating something that belongs to you, that tells your story. From the moment we start, to the final stroke of the brush, let’s craft a piece that will inspire, resonate, and be cherished for generations.

Your unique masterpiece awaits. Let’s create something unforgettable, together.


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