In this new series called “Remedy”, The paintings are in watercolor; watercolor powder, watercolor pans, and markers.

But I like to start with the negative space.  I begin with a masking fluid (sometimes it's even just rubber cement) and when that dries, I begin to paint.

I just allow the paint to flow where it goes and then I remove the masking fluid. Sometimes I'll use markers to emphasize the negative space. Sometimes I'll just let the masking fluid drip.

The palette of the remedy series, are the colors of the seas, especially from Hawaii. As discover my Hawaiian ancestors and my Hawaiian family, and I feel a big call to the blues and the greens of the sea. I find that to be the remedy, the healing remedy.

These pieces up are a little bit unique in their presentation. Most of them float in an epoxy resin.

I have used cake pans but now I've begun to build my own molds because of the size. It's hard to find a cake pan big enough! I construct mold cavities and then use a rubber compound and end up with a mold that can take an epoxy resin.

I will put in a couple of layers of resin and then lay the painting in and then seal it in more layers of resin and then sort of let, let it emerge out of the mold.

The surfaces that I paint on can range. I have some that I've done in paper. Some that I've done on canvas, some that I've done on wood panel, some that I've done in aluminum. I place those pieces into the mold and seal them in resin.

I want people to get a feeling of weightlessness, floating. A feeling of floating that you get with the sea. To help create that illusion, I use square, acrylic pipes that I glue into the back of the piece so that when you hang it on the wall, they are an inch away from the wall so they give an illusion that they're floating in space.

Hopefully, people can stand in front of the paintings and let their minds float, and allow themselves to have a taste of the healing experience one would experience resting near the sea.

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