Hi, I'm Doug Motel. And thank you for tuning into Art Spirit Sunday, where I talk about, oh, creativity/creating your life/spiritual thoughts for creative people.

It's pretty loosey-goosey here.

But today, I wanted to talk about the idea of cause and effect. I mean, if you listen to these podcasts, you'll see that I don't have a lot of things that I believe in. I don't have a long list of ideologies or dogmas or anything. In my journey, as a spiritual person, I've gone through all kinds of different modalities, and I've read all different types of books and been through, you know, everything. Right now, I do not believe in a whole bunch.

Having said that, I do observe certain things that are my experience.

And so, I'm focusing on my own experience. Here. And one of the things that I've definitely noticed is that there is some unexplainable (to me at least) connection between what actions you take and the stuff that shows up.

I'm not necessarily talking about really obvious stuff, like "if I take a shovel and push it into the dirt, my actions will dig a hole." I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about the more esoteric realm of doing things and then seeing stuff pop up in your life, like synchronicity and coincidences—the unseen hand of the Universe.

I don't know how this all works, and I don't expect to (possibly, when I leave this dimension and move on to whatever's next, it may become all clear to me).

So I'm not too hung up on HOW this works; it's just not that important to understand how to apply it for practical use.

I saw an illustration of "cause and effect" last week.

I had this idea that I was going to personally email some people who have been supportive of my work over the years and invite them to commission me for a painting or introduce them to the new pieces that I'm doing and ask them straight out if they would purchase one of my paintings.

Reaching out like this was confronting for me; I had a lot of voices in my head, saying that, that puts me in a very sort of needy, a grabby place, you know, like "please, won't you like my artwork" kind of mentality. I didn't want to be seen in that dynamic.

So what I decided to do was just to do it anyway.

I just started writing to people, and nobody bought anything! Several of those people wrote back and said, "Wow, this is great. Good for you, Doug". And I started to get in my head a bit of, like, "this isn't working, this is not a good idea." And then I just stopped. And I just watched that voice, that character (I call him "Victor the Victim"). I just kind of watched that voice go, and then I remembered something that has been my experience. It's my experience that we just don't have any idea how things will unfold.

I have noticed that if I go for something that I want to see manifest in my life, especially if I'm clear about what I want it to feel like, and I just keep taking action. I just keep doing stuff. It almost really doesn't even matter what it is that I do. Something reverberates out into the Universe. And I find that something materializes.

Sometimes it's directly related to the effort that I've been putting out. And sometimes, it's not at all like I can't connect the dots exactly. It almost seems mysterious as to why that thing popped up. But sure enough, by the end of the week, a friend sent me an email saying that she and her partner wanted to buy one of my paintings. Now, she was not on my list of people that I wrote to. And she didn't even know that I was doing these emails.

There is something about the energy of just going for what you want, taking action, and not being hung up on whether or not that action is explicitly going to be the thing that brings you to what you want.

Just being in motion, not waiting, seems to be the key.

It is like this weird balance. You have to do something too. You have a responsibility to put in your sweat equity, but then the Universe deals with the details.

And so that's really what I've been seeing. And that's really where I'm at right now. I guess I'm recording this for you to encourage you to experiment with that yourself.

Again, I don't know how any of this works. I'm only sharing with you my notes from this side of it all. And but I want to hear from you. I want to hear if you get an idea of something that you want to see manifests, and then you go for it. You take actions and be unattached to the results of those particular actions.

Let me know what what what if anything comes up for you.

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