Burnt Offerings


20" x 24"
Watercolor on watercolor board.
Encased in Epoxy resin

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What other collectors have said about my work!

"I just love the piece that hangs in my living room. When I enter my home and see it, I feel that joy that great art is supposed to give you."
Holly F.
Boynton Beach, FL
"I love the beautiful artwork that I have of Doug's. The colors are what speaks to me the most but then the shapes take over as well. I adore this work and I think his work is a positive influence in any space."
Sara A.
Rhinebeck, NY
"I was on yet another Zoom call and stressed about all I had to do and saw your blue painting perched on my hard drive. I immediately changed gears, got back in the moment, and said of the pressing distractions, “It’ll get done.” Whatever it does, it’s working!"
Matt S.
New Paltz, NY
"Adam and I are the proud owners of not one, not 2, but 3 of Doug's pieces! The largest graces our hallway, and we get to view it a gazillion times a day. I make sure to STOP sometimes to just really take it in, and let IT take ME in."
Bettina D.
San Rafael, CA
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